NWPI.org is based in Duvall, King County, Washington and exists to help people understand the reasons for the strange happenings around them whilst furthering research into the paranormal using scientific analysis and research.

Science and Paranormal are not two words normally associated with each other, and the ability to investigate and summon ghosts at will in a laboratory is not going to happen any time soon but the modern day paranormal investigator has a number of digital data recording devices that can be used in the field. If used properly this modern equipment can provide more compelling evidence or even debunk some of the strange happenings that surround us.

Our main aim is to reassure people and enable them to feel comfortable and safe in their own homes.

If you are experiencing strange unexplained  events in you home and would like NWPI to investigate the please email the Case Manager at casemanager@nwpi.org to arrange a confidential interview.